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Episode #19

Episode #19 of the Real Estate with Howard Drukarsh podcast

Ep #19


Howard speaks with Mark Cohen Managing Partner of TCS Marketing Systems about how his team successfully used technology to adapt and market pre-construction projects during the pandemic and which new marketing tools are here to stay moving forward.


With more than 37 years in the business, Mark demonstrates a long-standing passion and dedication to residential development sales and marketing. He spent the first 25 years of his career in executive marketing positions with four of the largest and most reputable firms in Toronto, marketing many of Toronto’s most significant communities at Bramalea Limited, Menkes Developments, Concord Adex Developments, and Tribute Communities. In late 2007, Mark co-founded TCS Marketing Systems and today assumes the role of Managing Partner with a sole focus on new project marketing. At the helm of TCS Marketing Systems, Mark’s unique strength springs not only from his extensive knowledge and experience but also from his leadership style and value-oriented approach to business. Mark grounds the firm in hard work and respect for detail while using his team to leverage current technology and to initiate new ideas. He advocates a responsible, research-based marketing approach that pays attention to yesterday in order to accurately see and sell the future.

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