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Episode #23

Episode #23 of the Real Estate with Howard Drukarsh podcast featuring Suzanne Wilkinson


Suzanne Wilkinson, Principal at Figure3 design chats to Howard about the future of workplace and residential interior design, the effects of the pandemic on workspaces, and inclusive design.


Climbing the ranks from Senior Team Leader to Principal at one of Canada's leading independent interior design firms, Suzanne Wilkinson understands the power of design. Working with some of the most prominent companies across North America over the past 20 years to design beautiful and engaging award-winning spaces in workplace, residential, hospitality, and retail, Suzanne is passionate about leading clients and the Figure3 team through a strategic design process starting with what is most important: a client’s core values. Suzanne has fearlessly pushed the boundaries of design across numerous sectors, setting a higher standard among her industry peers, and inspiring those she mentors. At Figure3, workplace design is where Suzanne set her foundation and became recognized in the industry for her talents. She took interest in the deeper understanding of what clients needed, not just in the present, but looking 5-10 years into their future.

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