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Episode #26

Episode #26 of the Real Estate with Howard Drukarsh podcast featuring Hersh Litvack


Howard and Hersh Litvack founder of the Hersh Realty Group speak about the robust condo market in the GTA and its future, chocolate bars, and the importance of patience.  


The Hersh Realty Group specializes in the sale of pre-construction high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise condos, as well as town homes and detached properties. Renowned for its premium services, The Hersh Realty Group. has set the new benchmark for Pre-Construction Condominium Sales in Canada. Their outstanding relationships with many of Canada’s Premier builders combined with their cutting-edge marketing programs have produced results above and beyond expectation time and time again.

With over 26 years of selling and marketing properties by Hersh Litvack, The Hersh Realty Group. continues to provide unparalleled service to builders and clients alike.




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