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Episode #31

Episode #31 of the Real Estate with Howard Drukarsh podcast featuring Hans Jain


Howard chats with Hans Jain, President of Atria Development about growing up in a family business, the challenges of developing historical properties and using innovative technology to attract today's home buyers.

Few developers are driven by a desire to enhance quality of life for entire communities rather than exclusively for their customers. Hans Jain, Principal of Atria Development, is one such developer, a person who sees his role as extending well beyond the creation of desirable places to live, to one of leadership in improving communities that then attract additional investment, creating a more desirable place for all. Working together with his brother Vipin, he has built a development company that is truly community-focused.


Starting in his youth and continuing throughout his adult life, Hans has had a deep interest in economics, a course he pursued through his undergraduate years culminating in an Honours B.Sc. in Quantitative Methods in Economics. For a period, he pursued post-graduate work in the same field at the University of Toronto, but was eventually drawn to the idea of putting his learning to work by going into the family business.

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