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Episode #37

Episode #37 of the Real Estate with Howard Drukarsh podcast featuring Bob Goldberg


Bob Goldberg CEO of NAR the National Association of REALTORS® joins Howard to chat about the organization, technology, advice for REALTORS® and individuals interested in becoming real estate sales professionals.


Bob Goldberg is Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of REALTORS®. During his tenure, Goldberg has focused on transforming the organization and leading efforts to put members first, while driving the technology innovation and collaboration needed to position the real estate industry for the future. Working with the association’s volunteer leadership, Goldberg has specifically emphasized the importance of staying ahead of “proptech” or “real estate- and property-focused technology.” Under his leadership, NAR launched the Strategic Business Innovation and Technology Group (SBIT), designed to drive industry innovation and benefits to NAR members. The group includes an Emerging Technology team, tasked with finding partnerships with organizations, companies, and institutions researching and developing new technologies. The team also launched the successful Innovation and Opportunity Investment Summit (iOi), a unique yearly gathering of real estate practitioners, technology innovators, and investors to identify opportunities to work together.

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