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Episode #4

Episode #4 of the Real Estate with Howard Drukarsh podcast

Ep #4

Howard chats with long-time friend and TV personality Rav Toor about podcasts, investing, loyalty, and hard work.


Rav Toor broke into the real estate investment world at the age of 16, interning at a brokerage in Kingston, Ontario where he was born and raised. It wasn’t long before he became an extremely active investor, putting together a deal, on average, every 12 days for 7 years straight: buying, selling and investing over $75M for both himself and his friends.

With over 30 years of experience in all areas of Real Estate, Rav’s ability to take complex concepts and break them down for simple understanding continues to be one of his greatest strengths making him a well-recognized television personality. He strives to live by his motto: ”Live simply, give generously and always invest.”


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